Salesforce Handbook Review – developer evangelists

I know I’ve been laying low for the past few months, but Jeff Douglas and I have been hard at work writing quite a large book (man are my fingers tired!). We passed the book around to some of the trusty ol’ Salesforce gurus, and even one or two developer evangelists to get their input; so let me bait you with the most #awesome review that Quinton Wall (esteemed fantasy writer and developer evangelist) gave us right off the bat!

”The community is the best resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the platform. Jeff Douglas and Wes Nolte, are two of the communities most active and respected members. The Salesforce Handbook is as close as you can get to bottling the combined experience of Jeff and Wes into a book designed to get new developers building apps in no time. They just made my job so much easier!”

If that wasn’t great enough, Ron Hess (creator of the Excel Connector and developer evangelist) later had these sterling words for us:

“The Handbook provides a broad, high-level view of the platform with all of the information you need to get started. It’s a definite asset to any new administrator or developer.”

Pretty neat huh?!

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