A gem to help you document your Rails ActiveRecord model

I’ve been using the “annotate” gem for a while and it’s simple whilst incredibly useful. Essentially once run it documents each resource in your database within the appropriate file. Here’s how to get it working. Step 1 Install the gem. There are a few ways to do this but I usually include the following line in my Gemfile: [code language=”ruby”] gem ‘annotate’ [/code] Then run “bundle install” from the command line. Step 2 Generate the schema annotations by running: [code language=”bash”] annotate [/code] in the root of your rails project directory and it will inject the schema details for each “table” into the respective “model.rb” file e.g. “user.rb” might contain: [code language=”ruby”] # == Schema Information # # Table name: users # # id :integer not null, primary key # screen_name :string(255) # name :string(255) # created_at :datetime # updated_at :datetime # [/code]