An Introduction is an ever increasing presence on the interweb. They’re leaders in a market that promises to be the next generation of software development, that of cloud computing. Google, Amazon and Mosso are some other names that have realised the current and potential power of developing and/or hosting in the cloud and it’s an area that I’m glad to be involved in from so early on.

Although this tech is not new, it is still young, and I’ve started this blog as a way to contribute to the growing community of Cloud Computing developers. The teething problems are still quite apparent in this industry, and as someone who’s been heavily involved in the technology for some time, I’m starting to see how problematic certain aspects of this type dev are(although the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks).

Currently I am strongly experienced in Salesforce development i.e. Apex and Visualforce(as well as their consituents) and it’s integration with a range of other technologies. I’ve recently started digging into Google’s App Engine(using the new Java libs & plugins) and I like what I see viz. the power of cloud computing combined with the flexibility of Java.

These are the two technologies I will follow for now and hopefully my blog will contribute to others who find themselves learning or lost in this new arena of software development.

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